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Research and Advisory Service

This new service provides an entry-level and enhanced approach to keeping up to date and getting sound advice from top flight industry analysts. It combines leaders in Trust Architecture and our Standards of Practice approach, and includes tickets to the Enterprise Leadership Network's forums and ongoing online access.

    Trust Architecture: Mike Disabato, our CEO, is your lead advisor on trust architecture, the structures you put in place to assess and make decisions about who and what to trust for what purposes. Mike was a service director and lead analyst at Gartner, and before that Burton Group, where he focused on technical and governance aspects of networking, telecommunications, collaboration, and a range of related areas.

    Mike's efforts will focus on how entities can understand and manage the trust relationships they have with other entities, their workers, customers, supply chain, systems, and content. Whether you are trying to implement a zero trust approach to your enterprise; or trying to determine how to manage changes in trustworthiness of your supply chain over time, this is a critical component you will have to be increasingly aware of over time.

    Principal Consulting Analyst: Fred Cohen provides supporting advice and content. His long career in cyber security started as "the Father of Computer Viruses", and continues through today where his trusted advisory services are used worldwide to address the overarching needs to understand and manage cyber-security programs.

    Fred's efforts support a broad view of cyber-related issues putting them into an overarching structure and helping you understand the cyber-security brain; the overarching cognitive system that is needed to operate a successful cyber-security program.

This service provides unique insights into the path forward for your trust governance and management program, and does so starting at an entry-level price point that is affordable to anyone seriously engaged in building or managing trust within their enterprise.

    Enterprise Leadership Network Forums: There's one other critical item that comes with this combined service. Along with your subscription to the overarching service, you also get tickets to the Executive Leadership Network's premier forum offering once per quarter. In this venue, you will meet and enter into substantive discussions with leaders from enterprises of all sorts and sizes, get to know and discuss the issues of the day, and meet many leaders in their fields from around the world.

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Key Differentiators:
  • Business-focused approach: We focus on the business, how cyber-related issues produce business consequences, and how to manage the business to assure desired outcomes.

  • Senior executive advisors: Our advisors are senior executives with many years of experience across the full spectrum of issues you face. You get them, not AI gobblety goop summaries.

  • Efficient process: We don't waste your time. We directly address the decisions you have to make using content, technologies, and methodologies we have developed over many years.

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